Julian Stratenschulte is a 33-year-old photo- and videojournalist from Germany.

Since 2009 Julian has been a staff-photographer with the German Press Agency dpa (Deutsche Presse-Agentur) - Germany's leading news wire. dpa is a trusted, accurate and independent provider of news with the digital and multimedia content to power the media at home and abroad.

Julian began his career at the age of 17, as he started working as a journalist for the local newspaper Westfälische-Rundschau in his hometown Arnsberg. Fascinated by photojournalism, he has never left home without a camera since then. After finishing school with an university-entrance diploma, Julian was an intern for Associated Press (AP) in Berlin and Frankfurt.

In fall 2005 he started a B.A. degree in film production in Dortmund. He finished his studies in 2008, concentrating primarily on documentary films. During his studies Julian worked continuously as a photojournalist.

In April 2009 Julian started a two-year training as a photojournalist with German press agency dpa. Since 2011 he has been a staff-photographer with dpa based in Hanover. Julian covers a great variety of news topics - from breaking news, sports, politics to feature photography.

Julian has covered all general elections in Germany since 2005, the Eurovision Song Contest (Vienna 2015, Kiev 2017), major sport events such as Euro and World Championships or the Paralympic Games (Vancouver 2010, London 2012, Sochi 2014). Julian took pictures of the most famous protagonists of our time like Barack Obama, Wladimir Putin or the Dalai Lama. Julian was Pool-Photographer for Queen Elizabeth II. first visit to a German concentration camp.

Julian`s work has been published in German magazines such as Stern, Spiegel and Focus, German newspapers - and also in international publications such as TIME, New York Times, L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal and The Guardian.

Julian’s photos are published by dpa as well as many partner agencies like Associated Press (AP), Agence France Press (AFP) and Getty Images.

In search of new perspectives Julian has developed an interest in aerial photography. Julian uses drones as well as different kinds of aircrafts.

Julian also works as a videojournalist for dpa - especially producing short documentaries or covering breaking news. Julian’s video-material has been aired by many German TV-stations like ARD, ZDF, NDR, MDR, RTL, n-tv.

In 2013 Julian was listed by German “Medium Magazin” in the “Top 30” of talents in journalism under the age of 30. Julian’s portfolio was published by German magazines “Photographie” and “c’t Digitale Fotografie” and also on TV in a short documentary of NDR (Northern German Broadcasting). Petapixel.com reports about a drone picture by Julian, which became viral in social media in 2017.

Julian's work has been awarded several prizes and was part of different exhibitions:

  •  Rükblende 2006

  •  The Peter-C.-Schlueschen-Foundation prize for sports photography 2006

  •  dpa - picture of the year 2007 (3. Place Breaking News)

  •  The Peter-C.-Schlueschen-Foundation prize for sports photography 2007 (2. Place)

  •  The Peter-C.-Schlueschen-Foundation prize for sports photography 2009 (3. Place)

  •  dpa - picture of the year 2009 (3. Place Feature)

  •  Sven-Simon-Preis prize for sports photography 2009 (6. Place)

  •  dpa - picture of the year 2011 (2. Place Arts & Entertainment)

  • dpa - picture of the year 2012 (2. Place Feature)

  • 3. LUMIX-Festival for young photojournalism in Hanover 2012 - "Hurricane Festival"

  • dpa - picture of the year 2013 (2. Place Arts & Entertainment)

  • “Top 30 bis 30” young talents in journalism by Medium Magazine

  • dpa - picture of the year 2014 (2. Place Feature)

In his spare time he enjoys different kind of sports and spending time with his wife and son.